I am a married Christian graphic artist and a lover of Fantasy and Science Fiction who draws mostly line art to color in, and I invite you to color in my artworks, for fun.Please don't ask me to color in my own pictures. I wanted to make a gallery of line art coloring works for anybody to color and enjoy, if they like. I'm really not a great coloring artist, but I might post up some of my Fantasy and SciFi artworks in color later :D"cynime" stands for "cyn's-anime", drawn in my own cartoon style, it's not just anime it's "cynime"! I have a DeviantArt account featuring these arts and much more! Check out: for more! Also check out for my cartoons and writings, and photography too! If anyone is interested: I lost Elijah this summer (July 1st,2013) and miss him very much. I was lucky to have him for 5 years (he was a feral cat) and wish he was still here. For anyone who has lost a beloved companion (pet) my deepest condolances and my heart goes out to you. Lijah~2008~2013 You will be remembered   I like God and Jesus; my husband and family; drawing and coloring; Ghost my cat; photography, BJDs and art, comics Favourite movies Many of my Fantasy and Sci-fi interests are in my drawings including Dune; Fairies; Mermaids; Tolkien Hobbits and Elves; Angels; Magical and Mythical creatures and many others and WATCHMEN! Favourite books Tolkien's works and C. S. Lewis' works also; and WoW (World of Warcraft) novels too! Favourite music Christian; Alternative; New Age; classic rock