Barbara Foster

Oh, stars... have *I* been out of the loop for awhile!  Well, I'm back and you can look for more pictures in the very near future.  As for me, I'm still a 50( ) year old RN, wife, and mother of two (adults, now) whose picture could be in the dictionary next to the word 'weird' (well, it *should,* anyway!). Dragons continue to dominate my work, even after all these years. Why dragons? Good question... no real answer I can give those who don't know me personally. Let's just say, dragons and cats are definitely part of me! I remain inspired by nature, as well as the work of the many artists I've seen and admired over the years. Hopefully, my work will inspire others to try their hands at polymer clay (my favorite medium), and help people realize that dragons aren't always the 'bad guys' of legend and myth, that they are truly many-sided creatures who can be just as wise and wonderful (or silly and playful) as anyone else. Oh, and yes, I do commissions. Please contact me via my e-mail for details. I like Sculpture, polymer clay, research, anything that ends in "ology!" Favourite movies Dragonheart (the first one), Animal Planet's "Dragons" series. Favourite books Anything Pern, EE Knight's "Age of Fire" triology, too many others to list... Favourite music Gaia Consort, R&B