Stephen McEwan

My GalleryI've mainly been doing Anime and Manga works and comics for quite a long time, especially on places like Deviantart and other websites that I've been online for a while now. My webcomics and stories are so far based quite much on the Fantasy genre however, and because of this, I heard of Elfwood a while ago, and.. after.. numerous tries.. -_-; .. finally got an account. I pride myself on being as friendly as possible, and I have many, many friends net-wide and offline that I love talking to, and I hope I can achieve as much success and contentment and friendships on Elfwood as I have elsewhere. About MeI've only been on Elfwood since.. lets see.. -Looks at notes- .. in roughly June or July 2006, and because I'm very busy right now putting up my own personal website to take commissions and get more publicity from, I don't have much on this gallery just now. I beg everyone to have patience with me, but please, feel free to comment, good or bad, just don't be mean please. ElfwoodI've started my Elfwood account in June/July of 2006. I'm interested in both General fantasy and Medievil Fantasy. Futuristic Fantasy doesn't interest me as much just now I'm afraid, however, Sci-fi does a bit. ^_^ I like Dragons, Wyverns, Gryphons and new species. I have a large interest in Cryptozoology, Demonology, Mythics, Legends, Mysteries and the study of Crystals and Gems. DeviantartI've been on Deviantart for quite a while now, and my gallery can be seen at Commissions. Trades and Requests Commissions I'm afraid, are closed for now until my website and updated comic is online in a few months time. Trades are always open, but subject to my time restraints. It may be a week or two until you get your image! Requests are closed for now like the Commissions, until my webstie and updated comic come online soon. Thanks for visiting, and again, please feel free to comment. Come again soon! ^__^想像は涼しい。: D