The Coin Lands on its Edge

Sci fi/Fantasy image by

David Kelly

The Reaver plunges toward Pyli and impales her. Her eyes widen in agony, despair and recognition - ... the ravenous, soul-devouring entity trapped in the blade was - and always had been - me. This is why the blade was destroyed when Kain tried to strike me down - the Reaver could not devour its own soul. The paradox shattered the blade. So - this was my terrible destiny - to play out this purgatorial cycle for all eternity... I could not bear it - despair overwhelmed me. Pyli falls to her knees, transfixed by the Reaver. Her hand, still bound to the blade, forms a perverse vicious-circle as her soul is gradually but relentlessly drained away, absorbed slowly and torturously into the Reaver. Pyli strains against the blade, trying vainly to escape this horrible fate. At this moment, Steel reveals himself, stepping out from the shadows of the Chapter House. Pyli sees him, and immediately believes he has been betrayed - that this is a trap set by Steel himself. Overcome with rage and agony, Pyli accuses Steel - Pyli: You! Steel approaches, watching Pyli with intense fascination. Pyli cries out in anguish - Raziel: Are you enjoying this, Steel?! Kain: (intense) Don't fight it, Pyli... Give in to it... Pyli: (in agony) Was this your destiny for me, all along?! Steel urges him intently - Steel: Trust me... Pyli's strength is fading; she begins to collapse. I felt myself weakening... unable to hold on any longer. The Reaver was too strong... the compulsion to simply let go too great... Out of strength, Raziel surrenders his will. As he nears the brink of oblivion, a fluttering distortion tangibly begins, and Raziel approaches a dawning revelation - Pyli: And then... a growing sense of vertigo, and the familiar displacement... ... the paradoxical moment when my twinned soul hovered both outside and inside the Reaver blade... This was the instant - the glimmer of temporal distortion - Steel had been counting on all along. This was the edge of the coin - the minute flicker of probability upon which Steel had gambled everything. Steel lunges forward - and with a massive, history-defying effort, tears the Reaver from Pyli's chest. Pyli screams in agony The Reaver flies across the room, and the wraith-blade flickers and fades as it is separated from its twin. Pyli falls forward, rescued from the threshold of oblivion, but nearly completely drained. Steel: Now you are free to reclaim your true destiny, Pyli. ((My friends loved the Soul reaver picture I did and my friend Mike requested I do one of both of us with his fursona, Steel Eye, as Kain. So here it is, the ending scene from Soul Reaver 2 where Kain pulls the Reaver from Raziel, thus defying history))

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