Daena Ortego

Greetings everyone. For those interested, I'm 30 and live in the swamps of Louisiana: a land of voodoo, vampires and above-ground cemeteries as haunting as they are inspiring. I think that the influence of Louisiana and our myths, religions and 'cities of the dead' are evident in my work. I've been drawing all my life, though I have never taken formal art classes. I love a great many artists and styles. I mostly use watercolor though I'll use whatever I think will get the job done. My great passion, however is mask-making. ALL of the masks seen here are 100% handmade by me from plaster, papier mache, marble paste etc. Nature, the paranormal/occult, music, books, folklore and the landscape here in Louisiana all influence my artwork. And the little voices in my head, of course.. can't forget them... What inspires me? Nothing. Everything! And whatever is inbetween. Anyway, if you've read this far you must be bored by now. So, on to the art, shall we? Comments and criticism are always welcome, but please, be constructive so I can improve. A word about my usage of the word 'faery.' I've never thought of faeries as being princesses in party gowns and indeed, the folklore puts an end to that notion, generally. Faeries are the things you feel instinctively and can't put words to. They're all around you. There's one right now, looking over your shoulder. ;-) Here are a few artists I enjoy. I look at their galleries when I am feeling uninspired and leave them feeling more in love with art and my chosen mediums. Their creativity makes me create and their support of my own work humbles me. Victoria Griffin Katja Alakotila I'd also like to thank everyone who comments on my work, past and present. Your kind words keep me inspired and your critique keeps me focused. Enjoy.