Rhiannon Piper 'Daggermaiden'

Hi, my name is above, i am 18 and live in England. i love to do fantasy art and i have just started using psp7 for colouring in my pictured which are mainly done in pencil. i am a LOTR obsessive (before the films came out) and i love dragons (they rock) and elves (they also rock). i play Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves and Empire (in contrast my dad and bro play 40k with Spacemarins and Dark Eldar and a few others as well). i read a lot of fantasy books too much of the time these include JRR Tolkin, Katherine Kerr and Robin Hobb to name but a few, please enjoy the gallery and please leave comments/constructive criticism (i love comments and will reply to all that are left) Here are some Friends you really should visit:-Emma .C. (''Bloodhawk'') Shave a great artist who will rule the world some day, just you wait!! the question is will she befriend the cows to get there??  Andy Guest one very bizarre guy, but a brilliant artist!! and can make anyone laugh (laughter is the key to everything)  Courtney A. Moody  draws beautifully realistic dragons, and keeps one in her front garden to ward of strangersMelanie 'Coffee Goddess' Wood Needs you to sacrifice a cup of coffee for her regularly!!!  James 'Jimbo Fett ' Inwood is really good at being an Igor and will sew any body part back on if it gets chopped off in his many traps he leaves lying around ;)  Mari A. Pikkarainen has a thing about thousand legged potatoes and psychopatic letter A's (In'eresting!!!) Jennifer Russo a very creative and colourful person who has a very lovely and unique style!  very much worth a lookMathew 'kaji' Maddon  is are really nice guy who happens to be really good at drawing!!   Right ok i was goign ot have a tideup this easter(07) but as u can see it didnt realyl happen (at all!) i just kept forgetting, but it will happen! it will just after my exams, and there will be new things too. But still if anyone speciffically thinks one of my older pictures(the grey scetchy ones mainly) should be kept up let me know. Thanks for visiting have fun!!! and come back to visit again :)