Cleone's sword and necklace

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M. Aurela Phen Abdou

Well I created a monster!!!! Joking. . . ^.^; any way my character Cleone, she has one heck of an additude but she also has a soft side. . . just no one ever sees it. . . her sword is made from titanium and sea diamond. it is really three weapons in one, a small portalble dagger, the on her command the sea diamond blade streatches out as a sword. and the stars on the end of the the blade and at the hilt, their throwing stars. Yes I know that in reality this would not work as a weapon but more of a wall decor. but she is a goddess after all with some devine magic it is a powerful weapon that only she could wield. the necklace the heart is aquamarine fassened in white gold surrounded with saphires and is laced with tiny black pearls. this shows her brute side and soft side. Cleone is the only amazon who wields a sword, she is not good with short range weapon as the battle ax (or double ax) and well she not good at archery eighter. (it is because I'm not good in those weapons, I can only use a sword or full/quarter staff) this took forever to make!!!!! done in belive it or not flash! and finalized in windows paint. when I get illustator I'll redo this. vector art is hard in flash, points appearing, disappearing. . . I made the handle longer, I just hope not to long, I like designing wepons, but I fear I may not be too good at it.

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