Daring kiss

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M. Aurela Phen Abdou

     'SHUT UP!' Sora shouts in English then says in Latin. 'You have no right to beat him like that!' She cries. Kaiyo still keeps the cold hard expression while looking to Sora. Sora suddenly had an idea, but kept that quiet. Very few people knew what the women were arguing about and many had no idea what was going on.     'You have no idea what you are getting you're self into, I doubt that you ever will. . .' Kaiyo says in English and walks away calmly but quickly. Casious follows closely behind her. When Kaiyo left the arena she went to an immediate run. Casious tried very hard to keep up with her. He found her by a small waterfall her knees pulls to her chest and her face buried in her knees.      'Kaiyo?' He shouts to her, she raises her head seeing him through her aqua bangs.     'GO AWAY!' She shouts at him. He still stands. He also knows what might be going on. He walks closer to her. She sees him daring to move closer to her. 'I SAID GO AWAY!' He is now close to her and he kneels besides her. Her face is buried in her knees and the water that collected under the falling sheet of water seems to bubble violently. 'Leave or else.' She told him. Casious takes his helmet off and places it on the ground.     'I'm not leaving you.' He says taking her hands from her legs and them pulls her up. Her hair is still in her face with his hand he parts her silky aqua hair from her face. She was crying. She knows that he sees this and she looks away hiding her face and tries to pull away. Casious forces her closer to him. She still looks away. Casious pulls his mask off. 'Kaiyo it's me, there is nothing for you to worry about.' Her eyes widen, she has been through so much so fast and now this. He kisses her. She becomes in fumed that she pushes him away and she stumbles backwards, everything that was going on and more is added on. He walks closer to her, she continues to walk back, and then she falls on her back and exhaustion from lack of sleep getting to her. from 1321 N.E. needs some rewriting, but I hope to fix it and put it up in the library, anyway Kaiyo is Cleone, she and her devine friends have a habbit of changing their name every few thousand years, Sora is Aether(goddess of sky daughter to Nyx) some say she's a guy some say she's a girl, for argument sakes, I'm say girl. I'm not happy with the background, but I can't do much about it for now, the poses was a challenge for me and I lost the orginal picture.

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