Dana 'Pixie' Fraedrich

Woot for Fanart and dreaming!!! Haha, I know I do enough of that. Anyhoo, welcome to my little corner of the Fanquarter. The different things you find here will most likely pertain to Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Invader Zim, and My Little Pony. Those are the things I would probably be most ispired by to draw. Well, I'm sure I'd love it if you would look around and lemme know what you think by dropping a comment or two. Thanks and God bless. P.S.  Yes, I believe in using only straight lines, lol... My Favourite Pieces of Fanart A Wonderful Harry Potter pic in Nightmare Before Christmas style... This is so cute!!! I love Invader Zim, and Dib rocks as a teenager!!! These Hogwarts Badges Rock!!! How fun! Harry Potter in Invader Zim style!!! Yay! Powerpuff Girls teenage style! This is so cute! I wanna draw one!!! Woot!!! Zim, Gaz, and Dib as teens! This girl's fanart rocks!!! Yes, Disney! Check Out My Fantasy Artwork Too!!!

Learning To Be

This is just a really cheesy story about an emotionally broken prince and the presumed last survivor of the Pixie race. Very cheesy and hastily written. Don't judge me...


A short monolgue from and Elf who gives us a bitter account of how the world is different from the way it used to be...

Midgets Vs. The Pixie

This was an assignment for my 12th grade English class. We had to write an epic, so I wrote an epic based on a really long and involved inside joke between me and my church youth group. It's just silly and fun. Hope you like!

In The Land of My Imagination

This is a villanelle I wrote for a poetry class while I was studying in England, but it has become one of my favourite pieces of work to date.


A poem I wrote to go along with six pictures I have up in my Sci-Fi/Fantasy gallery about a handful of magical/imaginary creatures.

Identity Crisis

Unbeknownst to the human world, there is another world parallel to their own where the root of all myths and legends live. Things in both worlds will change, however, when one of the royals from this world of imagination disappears and then reappears, but not with whom anyone would've wanted...