dane goulter

I have been teaching myself to draw for how many years I don't know. I probably would get better at a faster pace if I did more of the tedious things (studying anatomy, drawing pages full of hands, structure, measuremnts etc etc etc), I just never motivate myself enough to. Never been to an art school or anything like that so I'm pretty happy with my level of work considering that. :) I have a blog showing artwork which I will start updating more often from now on. http://dg-illustration.blogspot.com.au/ I like drawing, sketching etc, martial arts, anything to keep me amused. i cant stand boredom Favourite movies 300, dont mind LOTR, resident evil, berserk (anime), Vampire Hunter D Favourite books The Wheel of Time Favourite music I am open to anything and everything..theres always something good to be found somewhere in any genre...usually :)