Posidon's Map

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Patricia D´Angelo

This is the map I've imagined for my story, Mark of the King.  Hopefully I'll start getting that story reposted soon in the Wyvern's library.  The story left to us by Plato names Posiedons five set of twin sons.  He gave the two eldest son's, Atlas and Gadeirus, the Isle of Atlantis while the other eight sons were given diver Islands. As you can tell, coast lines are changed, more of the ocean waters are locked frozen at the poles.  The Mediteranean Sea is not one body, but two separate large fresh water bodies that are still closed off from the Atlantic Ocean.  Not until Atlantis's submergence did quakes break apart the Pillars of Hercules, allowing the ocean to sweep in and flood much of the basin. Some say Mu and Atlantis the same place, but my map shows Mu as the Antartic.   It suffered its fate much earlier when a pole shift displaced it to the present inhospitable position.  The once flourishing Alien race that lived there was destroyed. The burn marks, holes, tears, and jagged edges is on purpose in an attempt to make the map look aged.

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