Daniel 'Hyptosis'

~Long time no see, thought I'd try to upload some of my newer stuff. A few of my clients have given me permission too post their stuff, and a lot of it is personal work. Larger versions of my work can be found at www.lorestrome.com. Warning, the sight has some pretty mature work on it though. Give me some feedback guys, you know I love you! ~To answer a few questions I get asked. Did you attend art school? Yes, but I have not yet finished. I went to Ringling, an art school in Sarasota, Florida. The school was very fun, but I didn't feel I was learning enough, for what they charged. However, they do produce a lot of great artists. It was a personal choice. I draw more now that I'm out of school anyway, you just have to make yourself do it. Why don't you reply to your comments? I would really love to answer them all. But I'm so busy it is hard to make time. I do take the time to read all of them though, I promise! And any questions, I'll try to answer in this profile area. Do you do commissions? Yes, if you wish you can always email me at Hyptosis at hotmail dot com if you are interested. Commissions are one of the reasons I'm always so busy. You make a lot of typos. Do you still have all of your fingers? Well, I do, but I don't really use them correctly. So... I'm sorry... Do you have a webpage? Yes, you can find it at www.lorestrome.com. There will always be much more art there, as I do not update my elfwood gallery with professional art.