Danielle Grady

~Full Name: Danielle Lea Grady ~Nicknames: Dani, Punzy, Princess Looloo Strawberry Shortcake ~Age: 19 ~Hair Color: Golden Blonde ~Eye Color: Blueish Grey ~Attached? YES ~Favorite Type of Music: Show tunes, techno and Classical ~Hobbies: Singing and Drawing ~Inspiration: Beautiful Music ~Dream Job: Broadway Star or a Disney Voice! ~Fav Musical: WICKED ~Fav Subject: Voice ~Words or Phrases you overuse: Jerkface ~Favorite color: Blue ~Favorite Song at the moment: Defying Gravity from Wicked ~Least Favorite Subject in School: Math ~Greatest experience in your lifetime: Getting a standing ovation! ~Favorite Quote: 'Just because you have a voice, that doesn't give you the right to sing a role.'--Maria Callas Enjoy! And don't forget to make a stop at my MUCH better Fantasy Gallery! Have a nice day! :)