Ashley Danner

I recently cleared through my Elfwood page and revamped it! Because... what was up here was crap. So, yes. Here I am, fresh. Or something. ^_- HI!!! I am the Danner-chan. The Danner-age. ^^ I'm a recently graduated Senior who's heading into her first semester of college in January. @_@ Sca~ry. I lo~ve the animeness. Harhar. Ah... I'm not good at these bio things. Waaah. Rawr. I like the bishiness and you'll notice that the majority of what I draw consistes of men. Prefereably elven men. Preferalby elven men wearing little or no clothing at all. However, deep another the cloves of bishiness, one might find the occaisional bishoujo. Be careful. They're vicious.