Danny Staten

I am an avid fantasy illustrator who loves trying to capture the excitement, fear, beauty, light and darkness that makes the world of fantasy so interesting and exciting.  I have decided I am going to start making more serious efforts to promote myself as an artist and hope to see something good come of it.  I have received advice from some to take down my older pieces that I don't consider to demonstrate my current abilities.  I have removed some of  the pieces that are bad enough to induce tears.  I appreciate the many good comments that some of those pictures had received, but I no longer share any sentiments about the quality of those pieces.  PLEASE COMMENT but remember THIS IS NOT FAN ART for any who feel inclined to comment that it is. Fan art is anything that borrows explicitly from other drawings or movies. Had I taken the balrog right from the movie, or had I taken Gandalf right from the movie, then yes this would be fan art. However, BOOK ILLUSTRATION IS NOT FAN ART. I spent many hours designing my own characters and locations even making costumes. These are my independent unique creation so please don't bother commenting that it is fan art. Obviously the moderators who approved this to go in Elfwood with a few Moderators Choice pieces understand that book illustration is not fan art.