I love to create characters and worlds and play them off one another, and at the moment my current obsession is my fantasy city of Mreshth, established by my orcs and where just about anything can happen. I tend to take non-typical views of fantasy races, evil, and other things- don't get cranky if in my world orcs behave differently/look different from Tolkein's or any other version of Orcs, for example. Now that that's out of the way, I'm a high-school student, I love to write and draw, and quite a few illustrations of these stories or worlds can be found in my fantasy gallery.

Warrior Daughter

Among the minotaur-like Tauri, females usually keep to the harems and homes, guiding the warrior bulls through their lives and letting them think they have the power. However, there is nothing in the rules that says a female CAN'T fight . . .

Zrethak's Wedding Chapter 1

In my fantasy city of Mreshth, orcs are accepted as part of society (they'd better be, they established the city!); but an inter-racial marriage among the higher classes is very rare. However, one night at Festival, a child is concieved, and due to VERY old-fashioned magical bindings of family and land, the heir must be brought into the fold, no matter what. Now Zrethak is forced to marry a human man she'd thought a one-night fling. The marriage is arranged, the line of inheritence secured- now, if the new bride and groom can just keep from killing each other . . . This is the first chapter, but as soon as I get more done, you'll see just how antagonistic they can get.

Evening In An Orcish Household

This is another scene from the lives of my orcish characters in the city-state of Mreshth. An evening of reflections between mates.