Stephen King

My name is Stephen, I live in Surrey, England, I'm 24 years old, and I have been drawing since the age of three. I love drawing and draw many different subjects, mainly humans, but I do like to branch into some fantasy style stuff every so often. The majority of the work in this gallery will be fantasy based art work. I do have another profile on this site, under the same name of Stephen Michael King, but it is about 6 years old and inactive as I cannot remember the password associated with it. Most of the work on the profile is vastly inferior to my current work, but if you would like to see some of that work updated, message me your favourite pieces, and I shall try to re work them and publish them here.I work mainly in the medium of Letraset pro-markers and Caran D'Ache permanent pencils. I learnt this technique while studying Graphic Design at University. Each piece is approx A3 size unless otherwise specified, and only colour tweaked and cropped in photoshop when necessary.I hope you all enjoy my work.