Holly Morin

I am on DA now, I have art there I am called " spiritstallion4eva" on Deviant art.com   I like Naruto horses, and drawing, and going out on camping trips in the desert with my horses! Favourite movies my favorite all time t.v show is Naruto, and if ur a fan like me and u have questions ask me ive seen every show!!!! Favourite books Naruto comics, twilight, black beautie, Spirit stallion of the Cimarron (yes they made a book too! ), unicorns of blanor, and the spirit Stallion series. Favourite music heavy metal hard rock,rock and roll, favorite bands: My Chemical romance, three days grace, fall out boy, Finger 11, the Eagles, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron sound track (buy it!)
http://I got thrown from my horse and im in alot of pain

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