Sarah Hennberg

I love to write, draw and... well, tons of other stuff. (I've got an obsession with video games at the moment) I find inspiration in the strangest things - heh, a while ago I drew a guy being crushed by a light bulb. Well, I guess everybody's got their own things, right? My things just happens to be really wierd. Hahahaha. I beg you, please comment. I'd love to know what people think of my stories. Most of the things I create are made to the wonderful tones of the Black Metal band Cradle of Filth. I love them. I hope you enjoy>:) I'm sooooo sorry that all the pictures turn out like that, it's because I don't have a scanner and have to use a digital camera instead. *sob* *sob* Gah! That shifting colour is killing me! But, it does look quite cool on some of the pics... Ah, I just dont know... Well, I do know that I have to get a scanner. *hic* *sob* Lately I've been so proud of myself for actually sticking to a project. It's a comic about two demons at a mental hospital, so the idea is quite original. Perhaps I'll post one of the pages sometime, someone might even enjoy it>:)

Empty, silent world

Ah, I don't know... perhaps it's slightly depressing. But you just feel that way sometimes, right? However, I really like it, so what does it matter. Oh yeah... the angel is Lucifer, by the way.

Prologue to 'Path of Destruction'

The first part of the story about Tirael and Cerinnadwen. It starts out a bit wierd, but I think it'll be easier to understand once I've uploaded the following two or three chapters. Well, it's a start, at least... Hope you enjoy it.