I love to write, draw and... well, tons of other stuff. (I've got an obsession with video games at the moment) I find inspiration in the strangest things - heh, a while ago I drew a guy being crushed by a light bulb. Well, I guess everybody's got their own things, right? My things just happens to be really wierd. Hahahaha. I beg you, please comment. I'd love to know what people think of my stories. Most of the things I create are made to the wonderful tones of the Black Metal band Cradle of Filth. I love them. I hope you enjoy>:) I'm sooooo sorry that all the pictures turn out like that, it's because I don't have a scanner and have to use a digital camera instead. *sob* *sob* Gah! That shifting colour is killing me! But, it does look quite cool on some of the pics... Ah, I just dont know... Well, I do know that I have to get a scanner. *hic* *sob* Lately I've been so proud of myself for actually sticking to a project. It's a comic about two demons at a mental hospital, so the idea is quite original. Perhaps I'll post one of the pages sometime, someone might even enjoy it>:)