Michelle Ropp

I am, as a traditional artist, now open to commissions. Commission Price List: Here is the general price list for commissions, based on the dimensions of about 8½ x 11 or 9 x 12. The prices serve as guidelines only; the price of a commission can always change due to the cost of materials and the difficulty level of the subject and medium. Remember that I may refuse commissions, especially if I’ve been very busy. Also, I have examples of my artwork on my deviantART account (username: Rynthae), on my Elfwood account (username: darkpyra), and on my Wetcanvas account (username: Rynthae). My style will remain my style – please don’t request a specific type of anime (unless you’re asking for chibi style), and do not ask for realism or cubism. I will, however, do surrealistic and fantasy work. I may also consider sci-fi. Line Art – $10.00 Graphite Shading – $20.00 Colored Pencil – $25.00 Technical Pen – $20.00 Charcoal – $20.00 Watercolors – $25.00 Chalk Pastels – $20.00 Acrylic Paint – $30.00 Oil Paint – $35.00 To contact me or to get an estimate that’s a bit more specific, you can email me at black_violinist@yahoo.com. Also, you may request a mixed-media commission, and email me for an estimate. I also have prints of my artwork available upon request, but I must warn that they are a bit expensive. Keep in mind that with colored pencils, graphite, and pen, you will get good detail and definition. With chalk pastels and charcoal, you may not. I would not recommend commissioning a high-detail, small picture done in either chalk or charcoal. If you are having me draw or paint a picture of someone you know, a pet, or another real subject, you must provide reference pictures. Those can be sent via e-mail. Thank you! Michelle Brianna Ropp black_violinist@yahoo.com My name is Michelle. I currently reside in a small town called Mukilteo, and quite enjoy the scenery, though I greatly miss my close friends, back in good old Spokane, WA. I moved here as of September, and it has kind of disoriented me, but I seem to be faring all right. So early in my life, I have been lucky enough to discover true love with . I love him with all my heart and soul, and wish to spend my life with him. I have many close friends, in Spokane and in Mukilteo, who hold my life together and inspire me. I miss you guys in Spokane, and I promise that I’ll try to visit as much as possible. For those in Mukilteo, I'm so glad that I met you, and thank you for accepting me into your community. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, internet (that’s a given), and art. I also play the violin, acoustic guitar, and a bit on the piano. I don’t get too much free-time now-a-days, but I cherish any that comes my way. I have a younger sister, Leah. She annoys me to no end, but I love her anyway. I live in the United States of America, but I do not feel any patriotism towards my country. I plan to leave when I can for another, nicer country. Canada, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy are all places that I would like to see, and maybe someday live. I'd really appreciate it if you browsed my gallery and left comments about what you like and how I can improve! Thanks! ~Michelle