Lord Voldemort

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Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle, is a character which belongs in JK Rowling's wonderful book "Harry Potter" and he looks very sinister in this picture =D

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The shimmering stallion

Yet again about Mortifer, also known as David Guldström. Here he is, trying to snare a new allay, a young boy called Cayene. 'My dear boy, why are you out here in the cold?' Cayene raised his head and looked at the beautiful man before him. The man seemed to be young, yet his eyes where wise and somehow they sparkled dangerously. The man had chalkwhite skin and deep, pitblack eyes with a red sparkle within them. His hair flowed freely behind him in soft curls, it almost looked like velvet. 'I've got no other home my lord.' stuttered the young boy and stared at the dangerous eyes. 'Come with me, I see something mighty inside you, come to me, be me and I'll giude you through.' Isn't it strange that a human can walk over thousands of dead bodies. Laugh at crying mothers and kill children, drink the blood from innocent souls without regret it. And yet fall for a single, darkskinned boy and do whatever it takes to protect that child?


Who is god? Is he realy the almighty one?

Night frost

In Nifelheims frezing hell you'll find Hel, the two faced lady, daughter to Loki...

When they took you

This poem is about young David. His sister is dead, she killed herself in a fit of despair. She was seduced by the handsome and rich farmer Mark, Mark whom already was married. Fate was cruel to David's sister Selma, she was pregnant with Mark's child something unspeakable shameful. Those who lived in the village saved Selma no prayer, they taunted her day and night, yelled cruel words after her. And so, one night she asked David to go out and get her some water from the well, she had killed herself when he got back. David ran away from the village and with him he had his dead sisters body. He hoped that he might be able to wake her up again, wake her from the dead. David's tale is a sad story, he keep his sister for as loon as he could, but nature has to do it's work too you know. When David himself are about to die from a terrible sickens he's found by an old man, an old man whom keeps the secret about awaking the dead... needles to say, David stumbled upon an old necromancer. This older gentleman sees potentional in David, but also destruction and a lingering evil. David learns how to handle the uncontrolled powers of death. But the sickens within him is tearing him apart and he dare not to tell the old man what caused it. But one day, on his 25:th birthday he dies, dies but not to be gone for long. The sickens within in him is not a bad flue or something like that. It's the poison from a vampires tooth, and now when David's awakes again to walk the earth he is strong, strong and hateful. He returns to his old village and tears the place down, kills everyone from the smallest child to the oldest man only sparing a few, only so that they can carry words about him... about the new dark lord, about Mortifer. 'Cowards, all of you, cowards!' He purred and wiped the blood from his mouth, 'Darest you not face me? You weak, pitiful human beings! I'm going to wake you all up from your graves so that you can suffer the pain again, so that you can suffer until the day of doom!'

Dead of the night

Holy spirit, how ever crule are the punishment for my sins?

Sensing you

Poor Selma, she's missing Mark on the other side. Isn't it strange, how you can love someone who has done you so much harm?


The tale of a Vampire, the creature of the night...

Xelion, fire master

The story about how Xelion the priest became Xelion fire master, servant to the great necromancer Mortifer.

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