Michelle * flame angel * § Dark

First things first... if you haven't joined neopets already i suggest you do! it's great! Click the link then click sign up! HHHHEEEELLLLOOOO... Welcome to my site at elfwood *smiles crazily* I like to draw, daaaaaa, I like to sing, la la la, i like to dance, hop hop *spins around in circle*, I like to do alot of things! I hope you like my pics, Please comment... I will always reply and then comment on your page as well! I like people, and so I will not bite or bark at you so there is no reason to be afraid even though I am so insane (in a good way) as so I may drive you mad... NOTE: I like tips on how I can become better but I know i'm not that good so it bugs me when ppl come just to say my pics are trash so if that is your aim, GO AWAY!!! I'll do any requests you like :) All you have to do is e-mail or post a comment saing what you want and what your e-mail is so i can send it to you... I have only has one request, i'm not made of ideas, please give me more so i don't have to kill my brain trying to think of things to draw!!! If I ever get too many then i'll post a message here saying so, so until then you can give me as many as you like! I think thatz about it, i may put up more of a 'bio' when i get around to if but at the min I really don't think it's woth the effort!