Tyler Dallmann

I am a common 16 year old student in a common Christian highschool. Almost everybody who knows me well enough regards me as a geek, and they should, because it's TRUE. I have a true love for the elegance of the mythical dragon, which is the key inspiration in most of my artwork. Other things that inspire my artwork are my uttere hate for reality. I bask in fantasy novels, things that bring into light a different world, something NOT boring like actual reality. My main goal is to bring out my maximun skill in my artwork and to aspire to excellence in my artwork. Now, to explain my artwork a little. Many will notice that I do most of my drawings in pencil. I find it to be one of the simplest forms of art, and it allows for great detail, much of it riding on the skill of the artist. However, a small part of the quality depends on the materials used. I always use a Techniclick II side advance mechanical pencil, normally with 2H .5mm lead in it. I always welcome comments and advice for improvement on my artwork, so I encourage that you all give me advice, it really helps! So please feel free to comment at your whim. I hope to see you all do you best too! :)