Amanda Rolston

well, welcome to my little humble page on elfwood! my name is amanda rolston, and i am a budding artist of the age of fifteen. i live in new zealand, a small common wealth country at the bottom of the world. i am a very proud new zealander, or kiwi as we call ourselves, though not blindly. hobbies; well, i like playing rpg games (currently im playing neverwinter nights), listning to rock music, but only if its good. you will never catch me owning a copy of ozzie ozborne or any emo band (exclude my chemical romance. they may have a stupid name, but some of their songs are good.) one of my favorites being metallica (who doesnt like them?) and blindspott (they broke up, so sad.) occasionally i write. i have a huge array of stories in my head, but none of them have been written as yet. you might see my stories here soon in wyverns area, so look out. why i draw: well, i dunno. i suppose i draw because i dont like the real world, so i make my own. also because i like being smart, and artistic people are genrally smart. plus, its a good way to get all your thoughts and emotions out, and its easy for other people to understand. im sure there is some other reason, but i dont know what it is. i have many thoughts on the world around me, and being a atheist too, i rather dont like the cathloic church (learn to spell.) i beleive that the universe is purely scientifical, and that within science, all answers and truth can be extracted. i do not beleive in any sort of supernatrual being, be it god or multiple gods/godesses, or any sort of magic. that has been a huge influence upon my fantasy stories, as they are genrally void of such supernatrual things.  i also beleive the iraq war is a bunch of bull, but then who doesnt? i recon the americans went into iraq to capture the country and secure the oil. i surely hope its that, because if they have any other sort of alteria motive that the genrall media hasnt heard about, then something nasty is afoot. well, thats the two important ones anyway.    NOTE please do not bite my head off, as i would dearly like to keep it firmly on my shoulders. this be my opinion, and if you, be you cathloic, prodatant, jew, wiccan or whatever, should have enough faith in your own religion so as you are not conflicted when you read this, and have a urge to insult me. oh, and a little note to my classantimates, if any of them end up here. well. i could say many things to you, but i will just say this.... YOU ARE YEAR ELEVENS AND ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GROW UP AND LEARN HOW TO WRITE A ESSAY! seriously. wow, im treating this like my bebo page that i dont have well, i hope you enjoy my picts! i enjoyed drawing them, so i hope it was not put to waste.