Danielle Weber

I'm 14, I'm into vampires and Angel Sanctuary. I love books, and I love to write. I have my own website dedicated to Professor Severus Snape, because I love him ^_^ I love Neopets as well, and I am a member of the Severus Snape Shrine guild. I'm not on elftown anymore, sorry, but you can contact me by e-mailing me if you like. I hope you like my art and writing. I'm still an amature at it all, and if you have any pointers, I would be thrilled to hear them.



I called this poem 'Angel' for lack of a better name...

Moonlit Night

Another of my short poems.

Forbidden Love

My rebellious nature... or just an odd fantasy about vampires?

Blood Kiss

A small vampiric poem

The Cottage

A little story I wrote for school.


A short poem I wrote for Maarten De Koster, who lifted me out of my horrible depression and made me so happy.


Another short poem

Unholy Desire

This one isn't vampiric, but it's about a fallen angel lamenting, not only the loss of heaven, but the loss of his lover... maybe I should expand this into a story!

The Twilight of the Gods; Preface

Preface to my novel in progress.

The Twilight of the Gods; Chapter one

What I've got of the first chapter of my novel in progress...