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Jonathan Thornton

well this is malaoch, this is the evil counterpart to miachle, when hex lernt the truth both entitiys within him were freed, first miachle and then maloch was able to break free of miachle and here he is, hes my fav part of hex any way if u want more details and the pic this corisponds with then go here this is the miahcle pic, well now they are b oth free they must battle for supremicy. after all only one of these beings may be alive at the same time. so what happened so far is mephisto was beaten by hex, and he rememberd how miachle and he were friends before the war so as he was mortally wounded and going to die he told hex he was miachle and the darker side of him was his implanted demon, who had aso lost his memory. so realising this the consiousnesses fight within for supremicy, miachle wins but as he does malaoch breaks free and expells himself from within miachle. as this happens mephistopholese falls to his death and is impailed on a sword of an angel statue, as he does this god speaks to him and forgives him so mephisto is an anel once more. now the battle wages between miachle and malaoch, this is because malaoch wants miachle back within him so their powers can be combined once more as hex but this time with malaoch as the dominant consience. any way malaoch is about to win as he is slightly more powefull but as he is about to consume miachle mephistopholese awakens with gods power manifested within him and manages to withold malaochso he can do miachle no harm. as they are about to cast malaoch to hell and rid the world of the remaining demons, the ground begins to quake and stone melts life ceases trees wither darkness consumes everyhting and lucifers shadow covers the land. he rises to destroy both mephisto and miachle, so miachle go's to batle him. the fight ensumes and lucifer is running circles around him, just toying with him and taking his pride away slowely. malaoch sees this and cant stand it as they were both the same entity for so long so his rage builds and his powerd breaks free from mephisto's grasp and now he engages lucifer with miachle. the two of them seem just enough to be called a macth for lucifer and now mephistos grip on life fades so the only ones left are malaoch and miachle. who will win and how, i havent decided hehehe ill finnish it off and then post all the chapters of war chronicles and a few pics of lucifer and the fight. any way done in painter x about 2 hours from start to fin, oi think u have to download for the full pic for some reason

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