Abigail Davenport

Yay! I love bios. I'm 17 (not for long) and I go to a prep school in Florida (also not for much longer). Art is something I do for fun. I've never taken an art class and really don't desire to. Being self taught makes my art seem much more like it's coming from me and not from someone else telling me the 'right' and 'correct' way to do it. As you can see, I like to take anime characters and make them into real people. I especially love to do this with Dragon Ball Z characters because so few other people do it. I go by the penname 'theblueone' on some other art and fanfiction sites so it's likely you might have seen some of my art before. Most recently I've started to enjoy Anne Rice's novels so pretty soon I should have some art from 'Interview with the Vampire' up. I love her dark themes because they inspire so much art! Well, I hope you like the few drawings I have up so far. More should be coming. Thanks for checking me out!