Ok Ok I know I Know, it has been forever since an update. AND THEY TOOK DOWN MY GYPSY PICTURE!!!!!! ::sob:: And I really liked that one too. I am now a college student. 'YEAH PARTY WOOOOOOO' but unlike a lot of people hee I am not, i repeat not an art major. 'What?' they say. 'An elfwood person not an art maor, OH MY GOD ARMAGEDDON IS COMING, THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE, WE NEED A VIRGIN SACRAFICE. well maybe not a sacrafice but you get te idea' nope I am a bio/pre-veterinary medicine major. Anyway, now that I am in college I am busy, I will try to find some tem to upload my new pictures including a picture of my telgard character who is (Collective gasp) a female. What's so strtange about it, rp'ing is about being someone your not right?. and my good if slighlty old (i have been meaning to put it up really i have) oriental dragon in front of a cherry tree nd oriental dragon w/ cockateil colors. and a fearie picture i am working on, plus some other stuff, I need to replace all the stuff they put down. Also I am greatly saddened to have seen many 'YOU SUCK' comments especially on some of my older works (yes i have stuff up here from wheni first joined elfwood which is bout when i first started drawing) and while I admit some of my older work is not great these kind of comments are not only insulting but pointless. they take up useless space on elfwood servers and I would like it if nobody left these kind of comments. Now I don't delete them cause i think that elfwood protects it's own and people who do thisgnerally get chewed out or at least get evil glares form other people. But please if you are gonna comment be nice and if you see something you don't like leave a peice of constructive criticism. Anyway so until I actually do get the new pictures up hope you enjoy what I have (may I recomend the angel picture it seems to be the most popular of my current pictures) and I will stop talking and let you get to the art. Caio.