I'm an amateur artist who enjoys comics, fantasy and sci-fi.I stumbled upon this site which is hosting a lot of talented people and just want to show some of the stuff I make and meet likeminded people who might perhaps help me grow or give advice on how to improve...Under Fanart I am known as dyeh.If you're interested at taking a look at my other artwork non fantasy or sci fi related or not suited for elfwood take a peek here: nl.netlog.com/Leonardo_Davidci/photo I like Movies, anime, comics, graffiti, tattoos and music basically most artforms :p Kung Fu might as well be a personal interest of mine as many martial arts actually :p Favourite movies Stardust / Matrix/ Weeds, Trailer Park boys, Sopranos,True Blood, South Park, Ren & Stimpy, Heroes, Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles and many more... Game of thrones, Dexter... Favourite books LOTR and the hobbit for fantasy, sci-fi would be comics: like Judge Dredd, ABC warriors, Hellblazer etc... Favourite music Many kinds I enjoy from punk to hip-hop,classical, reggae, dub, some country and other oldies to modern day poppy songs (though not too poppy either :p)