David Hardie

My Name is David Julius Hardie and I love Jesus. You could stop reading there and know a whole ton about me but I encourage you to read further. I am an artist; I’ve been one since the now fuzzy days of 3rd grade back at good ole BCCS. I express myself in this manner (however it is not the only way that I choose to express myself, I also eat large quantities of wings and drink more Mountain Dew than would be healthy for a full grown Grizzly Bear to consume). I bleed each and every day for this struggle that I have committed my life to (that would be loving Jesus, not eating wings and drinking Dew although upon occasion I have bleed from those activities as well). I am now producing a series of stories that fall under the banner-name of Divine Oath. If you are at all interested you can email me at Suncrestman@hotmail.com and sign up for my elsit where all of this takes place. It is 170% free. I do appreciate constructive criticism on my artwork. Please make me better. If you have nothing nice to say then say something mean. Enjoy your stay at my gallery, post your heart out and remember, Jesus Loves You! Yes even you.