L. Davids

Writing and drawing are ways that I love expressing my imagination. I may not be the finest there is, but I'm usually satisfied with my work (though rarely finish it ^_^; ). Please excuse the fingerprints, it's hard to keep kids out of your sketchbooks >. Links: Joshua Davids. My husband, who has THE FINEST Weapons Gallery on Elfwood! Go! See! ^_^ Heather A. Wright - Bikini Warrior! Michael Nothdurft - Verra nice gallery (Contains nudity) Elizabeth A. Lewis - Some nice photo-manipulation art. I love her Drizzt. Jill Johansen - Nice animations, but her dragon statue is Great! Go see! Now! Doris Lampl - Wonderful dragons in this gallery, but check out her Fanquarter gallery for some funny comics! Better yet, go to her homepage. ^_^