Katt Kyleson

 I like to write epic fantasy stories. To plan my stories' characters and creatures, I draw a picture of them, along with their description, so I also like to draw. Many of the art peices I'll post will probably be  characters I've designed or creatures I've made up(yes, I make up creatures, too!) Prepare to see quill shooting, fire breathing, winged lion-wolves, and a weird venemous phoenix, saber-toothed cat, eagle, rat, wolf, lion creature, too!I plan to create another account at some point in time so I can publish some of my stories. The Hunter I drew is actually a character ( or an animal, but kind-of both, I guess) in one of my stories. It's a pretty good monster, huh!I like winged lions. If someone sees a winged lion drawn on a piece of paper, they will know that I drew it.  I also like to use mythology to base some of my characters on, though I twist the legend so mugh, there really isn't mugh of the original mythology left once I'm done.I like to base my stories that I write in alternate realities, kind-of like Narnia, but not Narnia(I know that didn't make much sense:) ) I hope you like my art:) ! I like I like music, and I love writing! I am not a published author, but hope that someday I'll be one. You will probably see many of my ideas for characters and creatures online here. DONT COPY MY IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're copywrited. Favourite movies Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, any Harry Potter Movies Favourite books Eragon and the rest of that series; and the Chronicles of Narnia Favourite music The Only Exeption by Paramore, Enya