Namaste.. Welcome to my quiet glade in the woods. Feel free to cool down in the waterfall, rest by the trees or sunbathe amoungst the wild flowers. Here you will be sure to spot a unicorn or two, perhaps a dragon, or maybe even the rare liocorn or mercorn. Fairies often visit these parts, but some are so small that they are easily missed. I have always used art to express my emotions when I couldn't possibly put them into words.. Emotion and expressions are my favourite things to see in art, I think they bring it alive, along with movement and position... Most of the art here is brimming with emotion, or at least it is to me.. Here, I offer the world a glimpse into my being.. I have studied art at GCSE, A-Level and got a Diploma in Art and Design. I did not agree with they way I was being moulded so I broke free from education and am now  a professional self-representing artist, making a living from my work. My website is kept much more up-to-date with latest artworks - www.dawnholliday.moonfruit.comI sell my original art here - http://stores.ebay.com/Dawns-Creations-Original-ArtThank you for visiting, Dawn x Favourite movies Avatar, The Last Unicorn, Legend, Lord Of The Rings Favourite books His Dark Materials Trilogy, The Last Unicorn Favourite music Muse, Ocean Colour Scene, Radiohead, Unbelievable Truth, Martin Grech, David Grey, Damien Rice, Within Temptation, Aqualung, Travis,