Leif Eriksson

NAME: Leif ErikssonAGE: 27LIVES: Gothenburg, SwedenOCCUPATION: Student Want to now more about me? Ask. I don't bite... much.. ;) UPDATE May 05I got a wacom Intuos 3 tablet for my 25th birthday. Which led to a burst of new material, and since I can draw directly on my computer now, I save a lot of time. =) Now if there only was a store that sold talent; then I could not only paint fast but good also! I am now a member of the Comment Exchange on elftown. Members of the Comment Exchange promise to comment on the galleries of those that comment on their own. so if you comment on any picture or on this page, I promise to reciprocate in kind, that is if you leave a comment stating, 'kewl pic' you will earn one of equal value on your gallery, if however, you give an awesome crit then you will earn an awesome crit in return. And no I don't return comment for comment, the more you comment the more I am likely to comment more on your stuff, but the numbers of comments I give out is completely up to me. Still, I will return the favor in kind. One other thing, if i get mods choice ever/again(yeah, like that would ever happen *lol*) i will try to return the favor of your comments but it may take me quite some time. Comment Exchange Comment Exchange Members I'm also a member of Elfwood's first collaborative art club Bifrost Fantasy. Several times a year they vote on a project theme and each artist creates their own artwork based on that theme. Its very inspiring and a lot of fun to see all the different takes on the same project. If this sounds interesting to you, go check them out.