Darin Barnes

I have a lot of time on my hands, so my mind wanders. This is the result. The characters of Colg and Faol are a collaboration with Mary Baily. Most of my stuff is pretty short, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for visiting my page. Roaguewolf on deviantART


Typical rescue of a maiden in distress.

Portrate of Colg

Colg doing what he does best.

Portrate of Faol

Faol dancing.


Brothers enjoying the life of theives encounter a mage.

If Snow Were Pure

A modern day encounter with a fairy

An elf for dinner.

Colg encounters a tasty morsel.

Lovers moon

A dark love story. Written for Nasreen. Inspired by Type O Negative. (Creepy green light)

Black sheep

Lonebear brings his brother home from a bar.

Duel Dilemma

Alex has just been in a life or death duel. Now he must make a life or death decision.

Feeding the Demon (Poem)

The care and feeding of your demon.


Colg in the act of revenge.


Darel is doing some last minute shoping and his time is running short.