Désirée Dippenaar

Last Stop

I started writing this a few years ago based on an interesting dream I had - I only got to finish it a week or so ago, but I'm quite happy with how it turned out! I had a lot of fun with world-building and characters, so I hope they all turned out all right - do tell me otherwise if there's anything you think should / could be improved! ^^I also really enjoyed putting in all the hymn quotes (because I do LOVE old hymns). They're all, to my knowledge, not copyright; credit of course goes to their authors. If you want to know what they sound like, check out the links! ^^ In order of appearance:Jesus Only (Hattie M. Conrey) http://nethymnal.org/htm/j/e/s/jesusonl.htmThe Arms of Jesus (Fanny Crosby) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2PAX1PGAp0A Mighty Fortress is our God (Martin Luther) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvcN9pkGld8Nearer to Thee (Sarah F. Adams) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwLl5nY5WPIIt is Well (Horatio G. Spafford) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MfAZHFJ0n0&feature=related I realise I haven't updated for AGES, reason is that I haven't been writing so much fantasy / sci-fi anymore, partly because now with uni and all I find time mainly for poetry rather than short stories / novels which take more work and focus... If you're interested in my non-fantasy (religious) poetry (currently I'm working on a series of poems about the women of the Bible - fun!!), check it out here: http://deng-li-xin32.deviantart.com/ :)


Sorry sorry sorry for being away so long! Zürich is not inspiring enough for writing fantasy I suppose... I've been writing more non-fantasy poetry lately, since I don't really have time for LyE or even short stories, and painting watercolours which aren't fantasy either... here, if you're interested.This poem is still from the time I was considering writing about immortality. Basically it's about the question: what would happen if an elf and human were married and then the human started aging obviously? Lots of possibilities for that, and it's quite fun exploring those. I might consider some of the other possible results. Here's a rather lovey-dovey one hehe.


Finally: something new!I've been thinking of writing immortality-themed stories recently, since I think that is a very existential issue for elves and I find it rather interesting. And while death might not seem to link to immortality, I think it does. If you 'knew' you were immortal, would you be in any way prepared for death?Partly inspired by Haldir's death in The Two Towers movie.Now listen, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money." Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. (James 4:13-14)

Silent Cry

This is what happens when you're homesick and reading missionary biographies all day... (actually, so far I've only read 2 this year...)Anyway, basic intention was to "draw a picture": simply give a sketch of a fantasy setting (the city of Yariban), as well as the culture, people etc. - and of course a religious background. Now this is influenced quite a bit by my own experience - some descriptions are slightly fantasy-ised versions of things I saw in Taiwan or China, and except for the royalty cult the religious things are similar too (though only to an extent). I sort of wanted to write about Taiwan while at the same time wanting to write something for Elfwood and so I ended up mixing it all together... hopefully it works (I wrote it all in one go and haven't actually re-read it, since it's past midnight and I haven't had decent sleep for about a week...)12. July 2009

Merina's Lament

It is their last night together. Counting the hours before her wedding the next day to a cousin she hardly knows, when she'll have to leave Theodore, the human boy she loves. She can only hope that somehow, sometime, they can be together again... but all that hope seems lost. Elves can live thousands of years. By the time her husband dies, it will be too late... I just love making Merina's life hard ;)

The Promise (3/3)

Kitty's problems come to some kind of a conclusion... in a way... :P

At the End of Broken Dreams (i)

The drunk is taller and broader than him - and he has a knife. He is asking for money which Gion refuses to give. Only one will survive their chance meeting in the streets of a gypsy village - but Gion's survival brings great consequences with it... My entry for Inkwell Artisans Project 2! On the language: The language I used for the gypsies in this story is actually Rumantsch, the fourth national language of Switzerland. Vowels of gypsy words and all names should be pronounced like in German. ('a' like the u in 'mud', 'e' like in 'egg', 'i' like ee, 'u' like oo) Gion is pronounced 'Jon'. The ptarmigan (chapter 2) is an alpine bird, also known as rock grouse. December 2007: some changes made, chapter 2 is now far longer and there's lots more background detail :D

Love your Enemies 01-02

This is a story about a future in which the world has been taken over by elves - who are not as nice as the stories used to tell! Humans are forced to live in poverty and dirt while the elves have all they want. But one day, Katarina discovers that not all elves are the same... Some big changes made from the original! Please tell me if there's anything I should still change!! ^^ Latest update: November 2008

The Last Elf

I can't remember when I had this idea, I think it was last year. I've written this just some days ago, I tried to capture the little girl's mind but... don't know if it worked.

Writer's Night

This is just a silly little poem I wrote sometime in 2004 and completely forgot about until I found it today! Well, this is what happens if you stay up all night to write - even your story characters start rebelling :P

Behind the Scenes 2

'Death of a Characteriser.' In which Anaia finally dies - almost. And a lot of other chaotic and crazy and silly things occur.

Prodigal Daughter (i)

Ten years ago, she left her home and all she knew, throwing away all she had for a life of pleasure. Now, after falling as low as she could get, she has begun to regret her choices. And then her father appears... Note: some mature topics

Love your Enemies 03-04

Katarina has an awkward conversation with the palace guard, who unexpectedly helps her. *NEW SCENE* Note: the Elvish word in chapter 4 (drizka) has been left untranslated for two reasons; firstly because Katty doesn't understand it and this is her point of view, and secondly because it's a very bad word and I won't be caught writing that in English ;) Latest update: November 2008

Trust in Me

The orc princess Githnark has been brought up to believe that all orcs have no feelings, that things like love and trust don't exist. But now that Githnark is alone and dying on a battlefield, the only helper she has asks her to trust him. But can she put everything she has ever learnt to question?

Love your Enemies 05-06

Katarina feels more and more the conflict between her village life and the time she spends with Cirion. *lots of new scenes* And this took me 6 months to write...

The Outcasts

I had this idea while reading 'Ben-Hur' and the part about the lepers. This story is about a city where all 'outcasts' are sent to: the Sick, the Disabled, the Blind, the Poor, the Superfluous, the Criminals and the Strange (werewolves, vampires and elves). I experimented a bit with the storytelling style. ^.^

Werethings Laugh out Loud

Exam stress, hurricanes, and being stuck in school - no one is very happy. But with an overactive, overimaginative werecat, some Instant Tear Powder and a huge heartshaped box of Gobstoppers, the day may just be saved - or will it? 200th Comment Prize for Pippin Ren~ Sorry it's late!!

The Promise (1/3)

Kitty, daughter of a missionary in Taiwan, has vowed not to marry, ever. So what does she do when the dashing Mr Ford saves her life and both her father and best friend go on matchmaking spree? My entry for Inkwell Artisans Project 3: Jigsaw Jitters~ If there's anything wrong with the romanisation of Chinese words, whack me. My Chinese is near nonexistent.

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the madhouse: a frustrated writer, crazy unco-operative characters, lost lines, disagreements, weird packed lunches, a suicidal elf queen, and other horrors. This is something like a parody of my own stuck stories. Usually I prefer writing serious and meaningful things, but this just spilled. Blame my characters ^_^


The characters here are mostly from a story I started in seventh grade. I wrote this once when I thought I would continue it, so this is something of a practise piece for it. It is my first tragic piece, probably because a good friend died shortly before I decided to write it...

The Promise (2/3)

Kitty's dilemma grows worse as she no longer knows what to think of Mr Ford.

Princess Chicken

I wrote this poem in seventh grade once during school, very randomly. I fixed it from its original state, of course. I don't usually write much poetry, so this is something RARE.

Werethings in Love (Kind of)

This is my first ever werewolf story :P So I hope it's okay. Cecy and Luna are best friends, sharing a similar problem. It has always been Cecy's greatest wish to see - and organise! - Luna's wedding. But for that to happen, she has to find a groom first... and she goes to quite crazy measures for that! ~100th Comment Prize for Sarah-Amy Haley~ Werewolves and enchanted pies! ^^

A War To End All Wars

Another poem - about the senselessness and insanity of war. (Yes, I'm a pacifist) 23. June 2008 THANK YOU MODS! *gives huge amount of Swiss chocolate*