'Kommt ein Vogel geflogen'

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Désirée Dippenaar

    Every week, a different bird would fly into the tenda, a letter in its beak. Every week, Flurina loved him more, and wished that the year would pass by faster so that she could see him again. (from At the End of Broken Dreams - which you can find on my library shelf but which is stuck at chapter 2) The title means something on the lines of "A bird comes flying" - it's taken from a traditional German rhyme, in which a bird brings a letter from mother. Here, it's not a letter from mother, but from Andri - Flurina's "boyfriend", you could say, from a different tribe of gypsies. The tribes only meet once a year, so the only way to keep contact is through letters, and since the gypsy tribes live high in the mountains, the letters are sent with birds. The gypsies have some special magical powers, and one of those is communication with animals like birds. Oh, and note the bracelet on Flurina's arm: the bracelets are part of the gypsy culture; this one (colourful beads) shows that Flurina is not yet married.

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