WARNING VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED  You know, I'm really not sure how much longer I'll have stuff hanging out here.... Anyway, I'm Brittany, a 21 year old college student set to graduate in about two weeks actually.  Which is bloody terrifying.  Anyway, all my stuff is sadly pretty old because elfwood does not cater to the non-fiction writers, which is what I have become.  Much as I do still love fantasy and science-fiction I find I have much more fun writing memoir now.  So everything up here is fantastically old.  Like high school old.  But feel free to look around and I apologize if I don't respond to comments right away.  I will try to get back to you as soon as is possible.And if you want to see any new and current stuff from me I'm over on deviantart parading about under the name "wolfrose"Also, DO NOT USE MY ART FOR ANYTHING UNLESS YOU HAVE MY EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT. Because when I find you, I will be rather furious. Links Meggish is generally awesome. Melissa draws horses. Enough said. Jamie is a band kid with an interesting style ^^ Sarahling is one of those fantastic writers on the woods who no one ever visits *hint hint* Trentness is property of the Sarahling ^^ Steffanie 'Celtic Feline' Rennolds changes her name too much and demanded that I link her ^_^