No One Told You This Would Be Easy

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Brittany RiverRose' Cali

Old forces wakened inside the two wolves. Forces of unrecognizable power began to work on their hearts, souls and minds. They wanted to control them. No. Unwittingly the two bent these old magicks to their combined will. Though the changes were yet to come. The Gods in the council chamber winced in pain. It was beginning. 'But why?' she asked, pain etched in every line of her face. Mithras just looked at her sadly. Shay stood there silently, crying her blood tears as Neriy tried futilely to comfort her. Then the changes began. There was a searing pain in her back. She screamed as a pair of fleshless bones burst from her shoulders with an eruption of blood. The bloody ivory grew and extended as she writhed in pain, her vision clouded with agony. She was aware of Neriy holding her up. He was saying something. Not important. She could feel the blood pouring out of the gaping wounds and feel her spine realigning to support the new weight on her back. She felt cold fire at her side where Neriy held her as feathers and flesh began to form on the bloody extensions. Black streaked her vision. Then something snapped into focus in her mind. She remembered this. The day they first met she had had this sensation. She felt herself give way to the pain and embrace it like a brother. She felt her body become more graceful and sleek. Muscles restructured excruciatingly. And all the while she wasn't there. She was outside watching her body be ravaged by magicks not understood by her. As she watched she saw herself growing weaker. She saw herself dying, and she didn't care. Venus watched as the young one lost herself in the pain. She has to fight it, she thought as the waves of pain hit her. Doesn't she see that? Neriy felt the pain of the bones as they burst through his skin and began to restructure his system. He moaned weakly as hide was stretched tight across the white frames as his body grew. His skin ripped and tore as he grew to twice his natural size. He bled from dozens of wounds. He couldn't remember when he had felt such pain. Wait. The day he and Shay had met. He had moved to help her, and they had both sealed their fate at that inopportune moment. He was aware that it was now he who leaned on Shay, her transformation almost complete. He felt his skull shatter as the horn burst up and outward. His mind was filled with a red haze of pain. He was still in control of himself. Neriy would not be possessed by the pain as Shay had been. Blood ran into his eyes making it hard to see through the creeping fog. He felt his muzzle elongating and his teeth sharpening and extending beyond his lips into long curved fangs. His ears too he felt become wing like and larger. He was also aware of the amount of blood that slicked the ground. They were not going to survive. He looked at Shay, her fur stained red. 'Shay,' he gasped. The pain was immeasurable. She fought to open her eyes and look at him. 'Neriy?' she whispered, looking up at him sleepily. Her once clear eyes clouded in the fog of death. She was no longer really there. 'Stay with me Shay,' he said even though he could feel himself slipping. Feel the blackness creeping in. The eternal cold. She blinked dazedly, her wings limp at her sides, crystalline feathers coated with blood. She fought to come back. But why? Wasn't oblivion better? 'Shay!' He yelled catching her as she fell into his arms. She was so cold. 'Shay,' he sobbed. 'Neriy!' she gasped opening her eyes. She fought the cold to control herself for the last few moments. He smiled through the fog that clouded his vision and blood still streaming from his head. 'Yes?' he asked softly. 'I love you,' she murmured, and closed her eyes. She let go. Shay slipped into the black void of oblivion. At last she slept. Neriy sat there, the cold creeping through his veins as his heart pumped vainly trying to move the blood that was not there. He held the lifeless body in his arms and cried weakly. He couldn't live without her. He didn't want to. Then his body jerked, and convulsed. He fell limp to the ground. 'I love you Shay,' he whispered, and died. Mithras looked at them. Fully transformed they lay in a pool of blood and sorrow. Mithras had watched the whole thing as they screamed in silence and projected their pain unknowingly into the minds of all the gods. Now it was silent. Venus closed her eyes. Tears poured down her face. They had died in their love. They were finally at peace. Why must fate be so cruel?

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