I've been interested in fantasy ever since I was 13. It mostly started from when I began having dreams where I'd shapeshift into a dragon or a pegasus. I'd had fantasy dreams prior to that but these had hit a mark somehow and I started to write short stories based upon these dreams. I also started to draw fantasy creatures. My inspirations can come from many sources. Some doodles have evolved into a new style for me (some of which I hope to get on the site). Dreams with unusual creatures in them have inspired me to draw them so that I don't forget what they looked like (Had a dream once where I was an odd-colored griffon with 4 wings). I'm hoping that by showing my works here, it will encourage me to produce more! Favourite movies The Princess Bride, Ever After, The Last Unicorn, Doctor Who (2005 ), InuYasha Favourite books The Last Unicorn (own 2 copies and read it at least 6 times!)