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Dune HoundAppearances:A Dune Hound, or Marsh Banshee as they are referred to by most villagers, is a very large member of the wolf family. Thick legs and slightly larger than average paws support a heavily muscled torso like that of a Timber Wolf. Dune Hounds, despite their given name live in marshes or heavily wooded areas near dunes, but not in them, they sport shaggy fur of mostly tans and dark grey to black colors, also common is a green tinge to their guard hairs, which helps them blend into their lushly vegetated habitat. Less common are silvery blue and indigo hues mixed with the usual grays and browns, but the rarest is a solid white wolf. Like most wolves Dune Hounds usually have a lighter coloration around their eyes and muzzle, and sometimes along their underbelly, most Dune hounds have dark tipped ears, and occasionally dark “socks” on their legs, this is just the norm though, as some have lighter colored “socks” and many none at all. Their eyes come in various shades of greens, yellows, and violets. The most distinguishable features about a Dune Hound other than their size (Being as tall as 4’ at the shoulder and weighing possibly 300 lb. of muscle in largest specimens.) are their muzzles, being thicker and shorter than an average wolfs, but with over twice the crushing capacity. Because of these powerful locking jaws, the Dune Hounds teeth do not need to grow overly long. Their ears are larger than usual, being able to pick up on very small sounds, but are mostly for heat ventilation in the muggy swamp weather, they have long thin fur that protects their delicate inner ears from being bitten by mosquitoes and deerflies. Last but not least, Dune hounds have a lot of extra, stretchy skin along their backs, and a row of flexible cartilage spines (UNDER their skin and fur.) that are connected via ligaments to the vertebrae, when relaxed these rubbery spines lay flat and unnoticeable, if frightened, scared, or showing off the wolf can raise these spines to create a large ridge from the base of their skull to the base of their tail, this is usually used to frighten other animals by appearing even larger. A female Dune hound is usually smaller and slimmer than the males.Ecosystem: Dune Hounds live very far from human settlements, and are a rare sight, they live in family packs of 4-20 bearing 1 litter per pack each year of 2-6 cubs. Dune Hounds hunt mostly small game such as rabbits, but also the occasional elk or moose, and in bad times will resort to eating mice and insects. On somewhat rare occasions a pack of Dune Hounds will hunt down small dragons and other dangerous creatures, they have never been known to attack humans unless provoked, staying far away from fires, but to those who travel near or through the swamps, their ghostly howls bring tales of fear and terrifying beasts to civilization, thus earning them the name “Marsh Banshee’s” however due to their distance from human settlements, no hunting parties are put together to kill them. A Dune Hound pup will fetch a hefty price if you can find the right market, however this is rare because of the packs nature of defending the pups ferociously and never leaving pups by themselves. A Dune hound raised in captivity is fiercely loyal, intelligent, and a very good family animal, quite similar to a Shepherd Dog. Lycanthropic: A Dune Hound is the most rare form of Canidae Lycanthrope, being far from man and far from other wolves there is little chance of mingling, but when this does occur, it results in a very large, very strong Lycanthrope. It is safe to say that where the Lycanthropic disease first developed was a fair distance from any known Dune Hound territory, leading many philosophers to believe that it must have first occurred much farther north, perhaps among the Frost Wolves in the mountains, cutting it off from the southern tropical regions where such animals would surely perish.For my stories, and the fantasy world I am slowly developing. =)

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