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This picture is connected to the Arch Nemesis one, and another one I have done. There is, infact a slight storyline, but seeing as though I don't have a plot other than her being killed by someone who betrayed her. There isn't much of a story except her being killed. Basically, he had to trap her. It was like a test from The Demon Lord. He is supposed to corrupt her mind. (or something on the lines of that. lol) He eventually fell in-love with her though. To him, she was something he never really expected. He expected her to be more secluded, and uncouth. Reason being, she lost her parents at a young age, and she lived with her eldest sister and brother. All her sister and brother did was ignore their little sister. And this made the little girl very lonely. Unlike her brother and sister going to elegant parties and such, the little girl just kept to herself for she didn't really know how to greet the guests, plus she was shy. To his suprise, she was elegant, and very polite. It was odd to be attracted to an elf with such beauty, and understanding about things. Her eldest brother and sister at this time, were killed, leaving the younger sister, all alone.  Although she lost her family, it still didn't make her vengeful. That's when A demon, pretending to be an angel, came to her. The Demon Lord ordered for him to get along with the elf.. He didn't understand why though. He was confused on why The Demon Lord wanted him to play a part, instead of just killing her. The Demon Lord said it'd be too easy that way. Making a weird story up by saying he has to kill her under a full moon, after the traditional festival they held. That by doing this, the people would lose hope. And would lower their defenses. But by the time of the festival, he fell in-love with her. Although, he didn't want to kill her, he just didn't know how to handle the situation. So he betrayed her. Showing her, his true self, and killing her on her mother and father's memorial. And yet she comes back for vengance finally....   (Story isn't a strong one, I know. But I'm a horrible writer. Although it is a bit shakey on why he would do that to someone he loves, and not a very strong reason, I have NO idea what a good reason would be. )

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