Snuffing Facades

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D. Wilson

“Come now Hal; let’s have a drink or something… forget about this mess.” The Dragoness grabbed a bottle around the neck, throttling it thoughtfully before tearing the cork out with her teeth. She spat it onto the tiled floor without consideration and stuffed her pipe back in her mouth. Sezassri eyed her. “Voana…” “I don’t want to hear it.” She replied, puffing smoke out from around her clenched teeth and turning to walk back to the Hawk. “It’s not a matter I wish to discuss. Let Zathias rant all he likes… it doesn’t matter.” Voan struggled with a smile, trying to shake off the severe gaze that her friend was giving her, but the Messenger was not dissuaded and held. The Dragoness struggled to ease her off of her shoulders; she didn’t want to talk about the elf; she didn’t want to talk about what was to happen to her… When Voan spoke, smoke leaked out. She had been puffing like a chimney in winter ever since her arrival. “Hal, I’m not in the mood for this…” The Hawk’s fingers pinched down on the bowl of her pipe, never minding the burn of it, and put the distraction out. Sezassri Hal’s face softened and Voan was then tamed, bowing her head a little; they could not avoid the subject, no matter how much she desired it. “I want you to tell me what will happen to you.” There was a frightening rawness in the Hawk’s voice, an unseen weakness. “Please, Voana… what will happen?” Caliglisar bit out her grin, making it seem like a tragic wince and let her unkempt hair sag over her face. “You know the plan? How it’s written out?” She saw the slight nod and sighed, “That’s how it will be.” Hal’s face pinched and her wings flexed. The Dragoness knew it was because of fear and hated it... Then, Sezassri drew in closer, unexpectedly, and pressed her forehead to the demigod’s. Sharp, tawny eyes closed and the winged one whispered to her in a breath that quivered. “I won’t see you again, will I?” Voan and finally... Sezassri Hal!!! Oh how I love Sezzari. She's in the picture The Brute you know... just in bird form. This is the normal half/half form. Hal is a very neat character and one of Voan's only friends prior to The Poles. She's the Messenger God between West and North (Sometimes South) and mostly is a very composed, somewhat cold woman. This scene is when Voan takes Quith and Jygin to a temple for a ceremony and Quith gets more than a few cold gazes from the demigods. Sezassri is no exception. She dislikes him for a very specail reason, and that is it. Now, I'm not saying another word, as that would be awful and ruining plot, but yes... Hmmm. Think on it. It's not that hard. Feb '04 No Stealing.

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