Dej Jacobs

I'm 21 until next June and am dying to go back to college, either to become a zoologist, zoo keeper, coroner, forensic scientist, or a paleontologist; or I might just focus on one job first and then another. But no matter where I end up, art will always be something I do on the side.As for music...I have favorites in pretty much everything, from classical and opera to rock and death metal--it just has to be good. Although there are some bands/groups I listen to a little more then others: Staind, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, Nirvana, Otep, System of a Down, Yoko Kanno, Cirque du Soleil, Adiemus, and Deep Forest.I have a lot of pets, mostly goldfish that I unintentionally got into the habit of breeding, the prolific little...darlings. I also have two cats, two dogs, one parakeet, some koi, an African Lombardoi fish, and by the time this update goes through, I will also have two Madagascar giant hissing cockroaches living at the foot of my bed. :3 Wanna contact me? Refer to the navigation box on your...right? I think it's still on the right. Yes, on the right. That's where my other homes can be found. Want more art? Not really? Take my quiz at Quizilla anyway: Which of my crittery brainchildren are you? (W/ colourable pics!) Or you can visit these nice people. My Friends (artists and writers.):MochaMochSepecat*WerethylacineEric-loveKat (Omfg, I can't believe I hadn't added you!! I'm so sorry!!) Sakura-samaKatie and Bethany (who have both disappeared, unfortunately.. ;_;)ShadowAuroraTsume*Souly*Deepio* People I Admire from Afar (artists and writers): Seraph*Thera* (contains yaoi)Ursula Vernon*Deinonchi*Zeriara*Kyoht*Erin Schmidt*Solicit*Sabarika*(* link will take you to a non-Elfwood site) ---------Update 0013: WOO. 2005 is here. Woo. Pics this round (assuming all were accepted):LevitationPunkinA new bio pic Favourite books Nightrunner trilogy, Swordspoint, Wraeththu, The Last Herald Mage Trilogy.