Delphine Gache

Hi everybody,THANKS and WELCOME to my Eflwood's gallery !I am a young French illustrator.A bit of magic and a lot of Nature, thus I will qualify my work. I like to transmit my passion for the fairy-like world and the Celtic culture. When the fairies stroll around me, I hear their mumures. Then the moistened brushes of colors dance on my paper's sheet. Thus my imaginary world appears as small pieces of lights that I give to people in the form of illustrations...I hope you will enjoy my art. If you want to see more, I invit you to go there. I like - The Art (writing, painting, sculpture, theatre or movies, I love every form of art... with an enormous preference for what refers to the fantasy of course ^^ - My friends ^^) - The Nature... I like going for walk hours, observing our magnificent Earth - I love to matter the distance - I'm also very interested by the ancient religions...Celtic essentially ^^ - An so many other things... Favourite movies WOW ! It's hard !!! I like a lot of movies... to make short, the movies that I loved the most : - Dracula of Coppola - Interview with a vampire - Willow - The lords of the rings - The labyrinth of Pan - The Neverending story - Tim Burton's movies - Dark Cristal Favourite books - Harry Potter - The lord of the rings trilogy - Eragon - The vampire chronicles of Anne rice (I adore ^^) - His dark materials trilogy Favourite music Every style of celtic music : - Loreena McKennitt - Enya - Mediaeval Baebes - Louisa John Krol - Cecile Corbel - The chieftains - The corrs