Jessica Radley

I could daydream my life away and have little care, but so not to waste something so precious, I write and draw to keep the daydreams from taking over, also, because I wish I could show people what's in my head. I like I love to draw and can constantly be found doodling on something, namely my schoolbooks and folders if nothing else is at hand. I also am an avid reader and will read almost anything, though my favourites are fantasy, love and adventure books. My other loves are writing, which I do less of these days, which is sad, and singing, well, singing when no-one can hear me at any rate! Favourite movies Heh, does Star Wars count? I love those films. I love a lot of fantasy films though, especially anything with dragons, faeries and the like in them. Favourite books Don't even get me started on books. I am a great lover of the Hobbit, though I can't quite lay such a claim on the rest of Tolkien's masterpieces, I haven't finished reading them yet. I love Tamora Pierces stuff, and also Eragon and Eldest (*eagerly awaiting the third, lol) and well, there are too many more for me to list really. Favourite music Might have noticed my name on this site, gives a bit of a nudge in the right direction- My Chemical Romance are a huge part of me and my music tastes, I love, respect and admire them a great deal and can't say I find them unattractive either.

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