Rhonda Patterson

Hello, fantasy art lovers out there. I am Rhonda D. Patterson a computer animation student. I am 21 years old and live in Texas. (No I do not wear a 10 gallon hat, Just kidding.) I have been drawing, painting, etc. since I was a little child. I always love drawing pictures, especially those of the fantasy world here I can put my imagination to the max. I enjoy coloring in prisma color and on the computer in Photoshop. Then watercolor and pencil is my next favorite medium. Most of my inspiration comes from fantasy novel like by R. A. Salvatore, and D&D(Dungeons and Dragon for all the now role playing fans.) In spare time I RP, chat online and play volleyball. La de la la...ok my old speech is still the same. I have finally gruadrated from school and is currently working for a small production firm during freelance animation for them. Luckly for what i do i do not need to peak the lanuage to complete my job. My cheif duty is to supply the speacail effects or limited animation in the commerials they do. I like my co-workers. They are all cool and are teaching me alot about the entertainment business. I work so much on the computer lately that most of my recently pictures are done on the computer. I hope you all enjoy them. Unfortunally i am still working on my unicorn picture I promise a while ago. I keep messing up on it. It is hard to paint with white. Well when it is up i will make sure you all know. well chow for now and leep a drawing one and all. ^^' A special note: All drawings of Aqua are based on a friend of mine (Blair Cureton) oringinal character design. Tazzarin, in the Tazzarin family picture was based on concept created by David Norris.