Lloyd Zacarias

 First off I want to thank you for visiting my gallery here in the Woods, I'm glad your here and I hope you like my stuff. Second, I'm a mostly self taught artist who works in graphite. I have worked in color before but graphite seems to be the one for me. Third, I'm forty but very young at heart, married and have two very beautiful sons. Fourth, If you comment and leave a return e-mail address I promise that I'll reply. If you went to the trouble of commenting then the least I can do is answer back. Fifth, I know my stuff needs work and some advice is always welcome, hell I live for advice and constructive critism. Sixth, I love RPGs, art stores, drawing, my two wonderful sons Trent and Elric, Star Wars, alternative music, heavy metal, classical music, collecting medieval weapons, watching movies, large black steel toe boots and fig newtons but not particularly in that order. Other stuff hmmmmmm...?I'm Ad&D 2nd Edition DM and have been playing for over 27yrs now. If anyone cares to see what kind of world I DM to here's the URL lead-poisoning.mysite.com/index_2.html I like 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy Art, Prop Creation and Dice Rollers. Favourite movies TV: Firefly, Dr Who and Farscape. Big Screen: Original Star Wars Trilogy, Ben Hur, and Man on Fire. Favourite books The Elric Saga, Drizz't series, and Lord of the Rings. Favourite music Modern Classical, Alternative Rock, and Rock.