Manda Maggs

Hello! My name is Manda, I live in northern Alberta, Canada. Currently I have just finished High school and am about to take a bachelor's of Psychology. My hobbies include drawing (of course), riding, and working with my many pets . I own and run a travelling petting zoo, and am in my ninth year of 4-H. Feel free to contact me, if you want to know more, or would like to comment on my work. My email is


Dedicated to Robert Budde my creative writing prof who encouraged writing in different styles, and Nalo Hopkinson for her talent.

The Frog Princess Confessions

A story written ages ago in high school. But I still like it.

The Tragedy of Rapunzel: Another Fairy Tale gone Wrong

Similar to my version of the Frog Princess. It's not that i don't like happy endings, I just hate it when they are predictable.