anything you want to know please just ask me I like music, reading, art, graphics, nintendo ds *sigh* yes im a geek, anime and singing. Favourite movies naruto, air gear, inuyasha, vicar of dibley, little britain, bleach, alien vs predator1 and 2, freeway, juno, semi pro, batman all woot, silent hill, the breed, rambo, tank girl woot love that one and there is lots more Favourite books tower of ravens,shinning city,heart of stars, all rowan of rin, snow pony, dragon rider, return to the labyrinth, With a sword in my hand, maddigans quest, Rosario and vampire, chronicles of vladimer todd, maximum ride. Favourite music 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and small amounts of 00's music but not much also cannot stand country music